Chemex Brewing

What you will need:

Grind size:
Medium course grind - similar to brown sugar


Coffee dose/ Brew ratio:
Approximately 85 grams per litre water or 18 grams per 225 ml water


Water temperature:
Let water rest 30 seconds off the boil


Brew time:
3 minutes


 Step one:

 Open a chemex paper filter into a cone shape so that one side of the cone has three layers, and place it into the top of the brewer. The thick (three-layer) portion should cover the pouring spout. Pour a little water on the paper filter to rinse it and heat the Chemex. Discard the water.

 Step two:

Pour the ground coffee into the centre of the cone and lightly shake to level it. Pour about 50 ml of water slowly onto the grounds, starting in the middle working outwards in circular motion. Leave to bloom for 30 seconds. In blooming the grounds expand and releases CO².

Step three:

Again, in a consistent swirling motion pour the remaining water slowly over the grounds, avoiding direct contact with the paper filter. When brewing is finished discard the paper filter with coffee grounds.

 Pour and enjoy