French Press Brewing Method

What you will need:

Grind size:

Course grind - similar to brown sugar

Coffee dose/ Brew ratio:

Approximately 66 grams per litre water or 15 grams per 225 ml water

Water temperature:

Let water rest 30 seconds off the boil

Brew time:

4 minutes


Step One:

Heat the carafe by pouring a little warm water in for a few seconds and discard.


Step two:

Ad the ground coffee to the carafe and pour about 50ml water over it, stir a few times to cover all the grounds and let it bloom.


Step three:

Ad the rest of the water, stir again. Position the plunger to be above the coffee but do not press down yet. Let it brew for a combined time of 4 minutes. Gently and slowly push the plunger down to full compression and serve immediately.