Moka Pot Brewing Method

Moka Pot Brewing Methods

What you will need:
Grind size:
Medium fine grind - similar to table salt sugar
Coffee dose/ Brew ratio:
Approximately 72 grams per litre water or 25.5 grams per 355 ml water on 6-cup
Moka pot Water temperature:
Not applicable, although warm water reduces brewing time but then handle the Moka pot with a cloth to prevent burning.
Brew time:
3-5 minutes
Step one:
Fill the base of the pot with water up to the bottom of the pressure release valve.
Step two:
Fill the funnel with ground coffee and lightly level with your finger, be careful not to compress the coffee. Place the funnel inside the base and screw the top part onto the base for a tight fit.
Step three:
Place the pot onto a medium-low heat, the pressure from the steam generated in the base pushes the water up the funnel through the bed of coffee and into the top part. Once the continuous coffee flow turns into a gurgle remove it from the heat.
Pour and enjoy 
Please note: Take care when using a gas stove that the flames don’t curl around the sides as it can cause damage to the handle and knob.